Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What is UTM Parameter?

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module; The UTM format is used by google to track Unique URL and source. So what actually is UTM Parameter? Let us begin with basics-In common term; these are anything after question mark within a URL parameter. UTM Tag added in URL sends data back to Google analytics once it is clicked, it allow you to track element of your online marketing strategy. An UTM Tag is consisting of parameter and its value. There are 5 key UTM parameters to track campaign in which 2 are optional and rest of three are essential to track any campaign or URL.
The Essential UTM tags are as follow

1)       utm_source :This is used to describe the source of traffic, for example the name of website from which you are getting traffic

2)      utm_medium : This id used to describe specific element, for example it may be a banner or an image.

3)      utm_campaign: This stands for overall campaign you are running. For example if a new campaign are launching for a new iPhone then you can name you campaign as “Phone_launch”